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Engross – Focus Better v3.2.1 UNLOCKED

Engross – Focus Better v3.2.1 UNLOCKED – Hello, we shall deliver this android post about Engross – Focus Better v3.2.1 UNLOCKED premium, currently we shall discuss about the applying Engross – Focus Better v3.2.1 UNLOCKED which might be of use, we shall review the various applications or games that premium is everything you get totally free only in Android Sync.

At today’s time, android-based request therefore common that it can’t be split between applications, games or and android. In order to download for free android application. For people who’re interested you may also straight see our review below. You can Free Engross – Focus Better v3.2.1 UNLOCKED Premium, and Engross – Focus Better v3.2.1 UNLOCKED Unlocked. from below!

Engross – Focus Better v3.2.1 UNLOCKED

Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: What is Engross & How it works?
I am a Productivity Booster. I will help you to improve concentration and increase efficiency.

Engross - Focus Better v3.2.1 UNLOCKED
All you need to do is, as you get distracted while working or studying, just click in the center of my screen.
As you click, I will immediately bring your focus back to your work, And I tell you how many times you got distracted in a session. Your challenge in the next session would be to reduce your distraction count & perform better.
Follow this routine and see how it improves your productivity.

How is it useful?
You will not be lost in thoughts, you will not waste any time on distractions.

I have a timer similar to a Pomodoro timer. You can set work & break durations, and number of sessions you want to work.
I also record your work time and distractions to –
– Provide a history of work and distractions. I do this for free. (Free feature)
– Provide your work and performance statistics that tells how you are doing and if you are improving or not. I take a little amount of money for this. (Pro Feature)
To help you more in concentrating, I can turn off WiFi when you are working and turn it on again when you are relaxing.
I have a dark mode too, a less distracting and battery-saving black screen.

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Is there anything specially created for students?
Yes, I have two extra timers dedicated for studying. First one allows you to set a revision time before studying, I call it ‘Recap’ and second one allows you to set one after studying, I call this one ‘Revision’. My developer believes that revision is an important part of study, that is why this feature has been separately added in me.

When should I use it?
– When you want to get things done faster.
– When you want to improve your productivity.
– When you prefer to follow a Pomodoro like Technique
– When you want to study or work with full focus.
– When you don’t want to get stuck in day-dreaming.
– When time management is important for you.
– This one at your own risk. When you want to focus in a lecture. I also have a dark mode for that.

Version 3 is here!!
– Label all your tasks and keep track of them with ease!
– Separate history for each label.
– Get Analysis of work & distractions for each label (Pro feature).
– Extend the timer during last 10 minutes, if you need more time to finish off.
– Add labels from the timer screen.
– Get suggestions for break time, that will keep you fresh & productive.
– Bug fixes.

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Download Instructions:

Download [suprafiles]
Download [dailyuploads]
Download [cloudyfiles]

Engross – Focus Better v3.2.1 UNLOCKED premium

You can download or get the premium android apps for Engross – Focus Better v3.2.1 UNLOCKED of course for free.

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Thank for the interest, develop Engross – Focus Better v3.2.1 UNLOCKED can be of use

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