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Sort2Folder v1.4.9 Patched

Sort2Folder v1.4.9 Patched – Hi, we will distribute this android article about Sort2Folder v1.4.9 Patched premium, currently we will discuss about the application form Sort2Folder v1.4.9 Patched which might be of use, we will review the various applications or activities that premium is that which you get cost-free just in Android Sync.

At today’s time, android-based program so popular so it can’t be separate between applications, activities or and android. So you can get for free android application. For those who are interested you can even straight see our review below. You can Free Sort2Folder v1.4.9 Patched Premium, and Sort2Folder v1.4.9 Patched Unlocked. from below!

Sort2Folder v1.4.9 Patched

Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: First sorting application coming to Android.

Sort2Folder v1.4.9 Patched
Very functional application for lovers of order on device.
Sort2Folder allows fast sort various files by folders,
due to the special algorithm of sorting.
Caretaker allows to sort files in background automatically, while you doing your work.

***Sort2Folders moves files to needed folders, when you sort them***

Features :
– Sort of various music files, images, videos, texts.
– Music files have a lot of functions of sorting! You can sort music by artist, album, genre, year.
– Photos also have a lot of ways of sort. You can sort photos by date, month, day, year, ISO and exp.
– Caretaker. You can setup Sort2Folder on searching and sorting files in background.
– Customisation. You can write your own formats for sorting
– [For advanced users] You can use ‘masks’ for formats.
– Easy to use. On the first start up of the application, it shows you a little tutorial.
– Design. Sort2Folder have simple beautiful material design.
– First on Android. This is the only application on Android which has these functions.
– Updates. We can make it better, just write your ideas in a reviews, and i try realise it, if your idea is really good.
– New functions. I try to add something new in every update.

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– sdCard dialog bugfix
– New languages :
Italian ( thanks to Malessio)
Spanish ( thanks to Andrei Pantazi (Holy Bell) )

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More Info:


Download Instructions:

Download [uploadocean]
Download [dailyuploads]

Sort2Folder v1.4.9 Patched premium

You can download or get the premium android apps for Sort2Folder v1.4.9 Patched of course for free.

Thank for your interest, develop Sort2Folder v1.4.9 Patched can be of use

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